Founder: Chef Sean Sherman

Written By: Matthew Clarke

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I can barely contain my excitement about how much food I’m going to enjoy this year. I love discovering new recipes that my friends and family make, but mostly I just love having all of my loved ones together in the same space. Love and food are one in the same, and every third Thursday of the month of November I get to have both in copious amounts. It’s basically my idea of heaven. There’s another reason that I love Thanksgiving so much in that it gives me a chance to search for other culinary arts that in a lot of ways have faded into the shadows of history. In my curiosity I came upon a chef who’s passion for bringing back authentic pre-contact indigenous foods has become almost a worldwide sensation in itself. Chef, author, and educator Sean Sherman has become a revolutionary force in the culinary world, taking his own cultural culinary riches and making them into exquisite edible works of art. His use of bright colors, forged ingredients, and the dedication to keeping his dishes authentic has made him a hero of sorts. When he isn’t cooking, he is educating communities about his cultural history, how to make various delicious recipes, and about how food can be a cultural lesson in itself. “We are committed to revitalizing Native American cuisine and in the process we are re-identifying North American cuisine and reclaiming an important culinary culture long buried and often inaccessible”

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