“My latest collection is called, 

“No Apology Necessary...”  Canada has a dark history 

With its indigenous people.

 I feel since I have a platform 

it is my responsibility to bring awareness to important issues 

my people are facing. 

I want my people to heal 

and take responsibility 

for their own healing.”  

Sho Sho Esquiro

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Bethany Yellowtail

Recently I stumbled across an Instagram account about an indigenous fashion designer who is proving herself to be a force in the fashion world. Her designs stem from her cultural history and are absolutely stunning works of art. With vivid colors and bold designs, company B. Yellowtail is redefining the fashion world. 

Owner Bethany Yellowtail from the Northern Cheyenne and Crow tribes, started B. Yellowtail in 2014. 

According to, the company specializes in creating storytelling via fashion, or “wearable art.” In viewing B. Yellowtail’ Instagram, it’s clear to see how much of her history and stories she wants to share with the world.

The attention to detail in the historical reconstruction of her outfits is memorizing. In some of her fashion photos, many of the models almost look like they are out of a different time. It’s incredibly stunning with the addition of the vibrancy of colors and patterns.

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Hemant & Nandita

In 2004, a small but promising company began, fueled by the passion of two designers who met in fashion school not long prior. Co-owner Hemant, deriving from a business-oriented family, is the mastermind behind making the company a successful brand. While co-owner Nandita is the force behind the company’s creative designs.

Hemant&Nandita is a long-standing fashion design company that brings indigenous art, culture, and history together to become one cohesive breath of fresh air. Their designs capture you immediately with vibrant colors and textures. The flawless way their clothes silhouette the human body is nothing less than brilliant and thoughtfully designed.

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Jamie Okuma

To look upon a photo of Jamie Okuma, one would think perhaps that they were looking at a photo of royalty. Okuma is a woman who radiates confidence, regality, power, and mystery. She is also a powerhouse fashion designer who creates one-of-a-kind creations for her clients. Unlike the average designer, she creates couture-style fashion by using her ingenious cultural history to display rich and colorful works of art. Using only the finest of materials, she is able to translate her history, while simultaneously creating an experience for the individuals wearing her clothes. Every garment produced is a statement in itself. It shows her commitment to detail, to quality, to her heritage, but also shows her skills as a designer. Her layering effect of clothes and patterns is done with such sophistication that anyone wearing them would immediately feel like she had made the outfit only for their body. Her clothes seem to hug and cradle the models’ bodies, highlighting the best features of those individuals. 

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Trystanne Cunningham