This stunning winery has already established itself as a standout in the Okanagan’s vast wine scene, starting with its designation as the region’s second winery with Aboriginal ownership (the first being NK’Mip Cellars). Home to two and a half acres of muscat varieties, the small vineyard was planted on reserve land in 2014. Under the guidance of head wine maker Jason Parkes, world-class VQA wines are being created and tasted by many.

For Indigenous World Winery, the story is extra special: a tale told beautifully inside the bottle and out.

A mystical stag stands proudly on every label of the West Kelowna winery’s Hee-Hee-Tel-Kin blend. The rare alpine deer represents 19-year-old Trenton Louie, son of Indigenous World’s owners, Robert and Bernice. The stag stands gazing to the left, looking for direction from the wine maker who is pressing grapes. It is the stag’s time to grow and learn. 

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Trystanne Cunningham