MOBS was born from an inherent appreciation and fascination of shoes. Alexandre Benaim, founder and

designer of MOBS, was inspired to create a brand that marries utility and style after observing human

migration patterns across different cultures. Centered around mobility, optimism, beauty and soul, MOBS brings expressive, versatile design to the closet of the modern globe-trotter. 

With soles inspired by the tire-tread sandals of the nomadic Maasai tribe in Tanzania, MOBS fosters exploration and discovery through cityscapes around the world.

They choose mobility over complacency and think creativity is born from the soul. 

They thrive on adventure—through the urban jungle and the pages of a book. Cherishing beauty in our wardrobes and in humanity, they approach every situation with a true sense of optimism.

Alexandre Benaim, grew up in Geneva and has been fascinated by shoes from a very young age. With French-Mediterranean roots, Alex is an avid globetrotter. But what really blew away Alexandre Benaim during his travels through Tanzania was how the nomads blended art and beauty with function and comfort. Their technology was simple and yet highly sophisticated. 

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Trystanne Cunningham